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Nature is Art - New Zealand

Hot Springs :

Silica Terraces of Orakei Korako New Zealand Need to take a boat few minutes to get this place. On the bank of the river are these silica terraces, like a mudflow combined with a waterfall everything is engulfed and dissolved by minerals and thermal activity. The earth becomes orange, white, brown, yellow so I could play with colors like a painting.

Emerald Lakes :

Tongariro alpine crossing New Zealand Emerald lakes : Tongariro Alpine Crossing - New Zealand 2nd step of this awesome trek with some friends, we finally discover these unrealistic acid lakes from the summit of Red Crater. Quite cloudy today but, the weather was clear only few minutes just above the lakes. It reveals their colors...

Cubic reflection in the jungle : 

In the middle of the jungle of the west coast of New Zealand, I followed a red river until a waterfall. No wind, peacefully the river was flowing. The reflection was absolutely perfect. Because of a very old landslide, some boulders were like a giant cubic game of stones. Thanks to the mirror effect, if your turn your head to the right, maybe you could see a traditional maori sculpture of a man.

Symmetrical reflection : 

A morning into the wild in New Zealand during winter. It took few hours to get there, I arrived at night. Too tired, I just got into the tent and fell asleep. This landscape was the first thing that my eyes could see from my tent in the morning. Mountains all around, no wind, no one and a perfect reflection !! I realized that this photo could represent a geometric feature too, It allows to play with imagination.